It is with great pleasure that I write today regarding my experience with Bev Glickman with regard to the sale of my ex-wife’s home and purchase of a condo for her. Real estate transactions are never easy, and there are often unknown issues lurking that only the most experienced, professional and proactive agent like Bev would know of, let alone be savvy enough to plan and watch out for. Bev does this and so much more, with the grace of a class act, the touch of a lady, yet the firmness of the best ombudsman you could hope for, ensuring the best possible deal with the least possible aggravation. Our case was not an easy one. My ex-wife needed an agent who she could trust and believe in. Bev rose above and beyond - turning the transaction into an event we shall always recall with fondness. I must tell you that Bev saved my derrière a number of times throughout the process, and even went further on our behalf, long after any other agent would have thrown in the towel. The home was sold in days, at a price well beyond our expectation, through a bidding war, no less - only because Bev priced the home right and ensured it was well staged for presentation. To make matters even better, Bev walked me through countless condos, never happy for ‘us’. She dug and dug and well within our impossible deadline she found a condo that I wish I was buying for myself.I apologize for rambling, but choosing an agent is a leap of faith and I wanted you to know that with Bev you can be sure you’ve got the right person on your side. I’ve bought and sold a number of homes in my day and would never make a move without Bev.

Douglas Schwartz

Beverly Glickman successfully sold my condo and orchestrated the purchase of my house in 2016. Not only was she efficient and reliable, she was a joy to interact with on a personal level. As opposed to the no-substance/all-image agents out there, Beverly was always accessible and one step ahead of all developments. Her best asset is her complete honesty.  She also possesses a wealth of knowledge and is patient and conscientious. When things got tense with respect to our buyer’s financing, she forged ahead and got the deal sealed. She is relentless in achieving her goals, but always remains composed and diplomatic. She is an excellent negotiator. She also understands the psychology of her clients and adapts herself to ensure their comfort and security. I recommend her highly. Thanks again, Bev, you are a gem !!!

Andrea Nucci & Set

Our first impression of Bev was that she was a real estate agent that cares about her clients, and wants the best for them. She first established what we wanted and what we didn't want, and she even helped us identify the things that we never thought about wanting/ or not wanting.  She is efficient and doesn't waste any time. By the time we got home after her our first meeting, Bev had already sent us all the listings for the condos that we were interested in.  She books all your appointments and will even pick you up to go visit the condos, an experience that made working with Bev personal and candid.  She advocates for her clients at all times. We really found this to be true as we were going through the process of buying our new home. Bev supported us throughout the process, and went out of her way at times to ensure that everything was legal and in our best interest.  We are extremely excited to have found our new home! Bev ensures that you are happy about your decision and does a great job following up with you. It was a pleasure working with her, and we recommend her to all our family and friends who are serious about buying property. 

Nathalie & Bineyam

Dear Beverly George and I wish to thank you for your kindness during our recent transaction. Your patience and professional manner were outstanding. We started our relationship as clients of yours and quickly became friends. Your concern for our wishes really touched us. We were very comfortable with you. Firstly the sale of our condos at Le Crystal and then the purchase of our present condo and last but not least the emotional sale of our home for 39 years. Thank you again Bev and I wish you continued success in your future endeavours.

Pauline and George Wong